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'Absolutely brilliant !'

Adam Crowther

BBC Music Introducing

'Talented guy, talented band !'

Simon Berry

BBC Music Introducing


Shropshire based artist Jonathan Markwood may not be a name that instantly comes to mind but you may have seen him gracing your TV screen without realising in the likes of Coronation Street, Eastenders and Fresh Meat. It is a combination of Markwood's acting work and love of music that gave him the idea for his successful London based theatre show, The Hoo-Hah Conspiracy Secret Cabaret, which he then decided to introduce to audiences around the country.


Markwood's quirky character based songs soon found favour with BBC Introducing who have featured his music on a number of occasions and festival appearances (Funk In The Forest, Warton Music Festival, Cogwarts Steampunk Festival) have followed as well as success overseas with Jonathan becoming a multi award winner at the JPF World Music Awards over in the US.

'Psychoacusis' is Markwood's fourth album to date has already become something of a staple on

Shropshire's BBC Introducing program and for good reason. The ten track affair is as diverse as it is infectious with nods towards Bowie, Gabriel and Squeeze giving it a quintessentially English feel, but the intriguing lyrical nature and the quirky twists give Markwood a sound very much his own.

A six and half minute opening number would normally be something of a brave move but Markwood's 'The President' intrigues from the off, introduced by an enticing piano melody and military like drum rolls, the track soon spins in a new direction when Jonathan's melodic croon and (Talking Heads like) funk-licked guitar join the mix as Markwood takes a wry look at the Tango Kid running the country across the pond. Tongue-in-cheek lyrics, a delightful side step into Bowie territory and a dramatic orchestral crescendo make for an inspired opening salvo, urging the listener on.

The unfortunate tale of 'Holographic After-Life' follows and is every bit as alluring as the opener, as Markwood regales the story of a wannabe rockstar, rejection and derision over one of those oddly familiar indie pop melodies that'll rattle round your head and burrow deep, demanding to be fed with another spin.

By the time the subtle piano based introduction of 'Clare' morphs into another slab of indie pop perfection, you don't know whether to whack up the volume on your headphones and soak up Markwood's compelling stories, or pull them out and dance round the living room like a loon. Either way you'll still find yourself involuntarily humming the refrain of 'I don't want, want to know you, want to know you in another life'.

As the album continues, Markwood and his cohorts continue to introduce us to a number of compelling characters: one minute we're inhabiting the kind of 'neighbourhood' that Liverpudlian's Space dwell in, to meet 'Nicky Narcissus', the next we're searching for Motorbike Mona over a delicious elastic funk bass. Finally we meet 'Marlana Maid Of Plastic' for a suitably off the wall, indie-pop, love song (of sorts), as Markwood closes Psychoacusis with his tongue firmly in his cheek, his (lyrical) pen sharpened and an insatiable hook.

Jonathan Markwood can add maverick story teller and madcap genius to an already impressive resume. A delight from start to finish.

- Will Munn Slap Mag

‘Hear the sound beat down the door and revel in the appreciation that someone else thinks like you’

- Liverpool Sound & Vision

'Soaring choruses...a festival kilter, edgy with mainstream feel of Dodgy, Squeeze, Beck & Eels. We owe Hoo-Hah Conspiracy a big thank you for their trouble’

- Leigh Sanders Express & Star Newspaper

'A very enjoyable album...jolts memory to recall great songwriters and producers of a previous era. Track after track of catchy tunes...If you are a fan of Bowie or Talking Heads or Peter Gabriel, 10cc or George Martin's work with the Beatles, then this album will be a perfect addition to your collection. At last, an album that has me singing along to vocals that I don't need lyric sheets to hear or understand...wanting to shake Jonathan Markwood's hand in gratitude for his ingenuity, originality and excellence.'

- Krimson Collective Music Magazine



' rock

opera at its best'

Ryan's Gig Guide

'Faultless, clever

pop rock'

Shrop Rocks Magazine

'Talented guy,

talented band !'

Simon Berry

BBC Music Introducing

'The quality of the songwriting is untouchable'

4 The Record

'I LOVE Hoo-Hah Conspiracy !'

BBC Radio Kent

'Maverick story teller and madcap genius' 

Slap Mag

'Absolutely brilliant !'

Adam Crowther

BBC Music Introducing

'A pleasure to listen to'

Liverpool Sound & Vision


'Funny, edgy, serious..gonna

be huge!'

The Point FM



January 23, 2019

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JONATHAN MARKWOOD - Vocal, Bass, Songs

Award winning actor, musician and songwriter Jonathan Markwood formed The Hoo-Hah Conspiracy in London in 2004. Having played all over London including dates at The Hope & Anchor, The Troubador and The Place, Leicester Square he decided to stage a show that would spotlight his band. After seeing 'Shockheaded Peter' at the Lyric Theatre , London he was inspired to write 'The Hoo-Hah Conspiracy...Secret Cabaret'. The show, also directed by Jonathan, was performed regularly in London venues, notably The Rosemary Branch, Islington and The Bakehouse Theatre, Blackheath. The show also played to sell out audiences at The Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone and The Queen's Theatre, Essex.

He's released three albums under the Hoo-Hah Conspiracy: 'Telling Tales,' 'Tips & Tricks for the Modern Age' and 'No Light After Dark'. Both 'Telling Tales' and 'Tips & Tricks' won major awards for songwriting and production at the JPF World music awards in Los Angeles and Nashville, USA respectively: Best Modern Rock Album and Best Modern Rock Song.

As an actor he has appeared in many stage productions most notably as Dr Prospero in 'Return to the Forbidden Planet' in the 25 Anniversary UK No 1  Tour. His TV and Film appearances include: Coronation Street (ITV) Home Fires (ITV) Tina & Bobby (ITV) Fresh Meat (C4) Doctors (BBC) Eastenders (BBC) and DCI Banks (ITV) He also won the Best Actor Award playing the leading role of David Taylor in the film 'Go With God' (Arrondissement Films) at the Global Revolution Festival in New York.

He describes the songs  he writes for the Hoo-Hah Conspiracy as a little like Gerald Scarfe illustrations set to music!

For more info go to


JIM STREETS​ - Electric Guitar

Drawing on influences from Hendrix to RHCP, via Funkadelic, James Brown and Herbie Hancock to name but a few, Jim’s earlly career was a groove odyssey of acid jazz, fusion and funk-rock with the likes of the indefatigable Booyaka. Gigging original material at festivals and venues up and down the country, with the occasional show leaking incontinently into mainland Europe, Jim did his best to live up to the nom de plume conferred on him: 'Dr Hot Shit Jive’.

After 15 years of fiercely defending his musical integrity in the face cover bands and the tribute act scene, Jim finally got over himself by joining one of the UK’s top Red Hot Chili Peppers tribs. Assuming the roles of assorted Chilis axe-slingers past and present, Jim’s choppy funk licks and propensity for over-the-top axe histrionics were a natural fit. 

After the sprawling self indulgence of his early career, Jim is now relishing the challenge of bringing Mr Markwood's finely wrought multi-faceted musical gemstones to the stage.



Tony is an accomplished self taught drummer brought up on a diet of Punk and New Wave, with a side order of Brit Funk and Classic Rock. He cites drumming influences including Ruffy, Copeland, Jansen, Gould and Cameron (Google 'em kids).


As a young drummer, Tony cut his teeth with seasoned blues outfits including a stint in the John Verity Band in deepest darkest Yorkshire before getting involved in a vibrant north-west music scene in the mid-90's. During this time, he got to play pretty much every dive venue in London and Manchester, most notably with post-hardcore trio Fifty Heads Wide.


Tony's stylistically diverse musical background is perfect for Jonathan's Hoo-Hah Conspiracy. From edgy, off-the-wall rock through dance inflected grooviness to classic R&B, Tony handles it all with great aplomb!







Psychoacusis Cover Art.jpeg
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WINNER! Best Modern Rock Album

WINNER! Best Modern Rock Song

JPF World Music Awards, Los Angeles

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WINNER! Best Modern Rock Album

JPF World Music Awards, Nashville

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‘Hear the sound beat down the door and revel in the appreciation that someone else thinks like you’

- Liverpool Sound & Vision 8.5/10

'Absolutely brilliant !'

Adam Crowther

BBC Music Introducing

'Track after track of catchy tunes...If you are a fan of Bowie or Talking Heads or Peter Gabriel, 10cc or George Martin's work with the Beatles, then this album will be a perfect addition to your collection.'

Krimson Collective Magazine

'Soaring choruses...a festival kilter, edgy with mainstream feel of Dodgy, Squeeze, Beck & Eels. We owe Hoo-Hah Conspiracy a big thank you for their trouble’

Express & Star Newspaper